Who We Are

Canadian born, I have lived in Marbella since I was a little girl, went to Spanish school in Marbella, took my A Levels in England, went to Finishing School in Switzerland, took my Bachelors & Graduate Degree in Canada, married in Ecuador and in 1999 I finally came back home to Marbella.

In 1999 there was a huge market for parties and weddings, and not many suppliers. There was a demand for companies like Marbella Parties and I seized the opportunity. I grew slowly and steadily while learning about the market and turned Marbella Parties into what it is today. My company is the most established, versatile and experienced business in the area.

When people ask me what is Marbella Parties, I am not sure what to answer…. We offer so many services! We are Decorators, Event Designers, Party Planners, Event Suppliers, Catering Suppliers, Corporate Decorators, Entertainment Agents, Prop suppliers, Balloon Decorators… the list is endless.. To conclude, we can do most anything you could think of.

Who are our Clients? Most Wedding Planners in Marbella and surroundings, Clients who are looking for an established and discreet company who are celebrating a private party, Clients who are inaugurating their business, longtime repeat clients, and those like you who find us on the net.

Why are we different from the rest? Apart from our professionalism and services mentioned above we are above all discreet. You will not find any photos of you or your guests on our site, facebook, instagram, etc, unless you have specifically allowed us to. We respect your privacy. It is imperative to us that you are able to relax at your Event without having to worry about what we may or may not post.

Why are we so successful? I am bilingual and have lived in Spain and understand the Spanish way of working. This is a must when you work with Spanish suppliers. My team is diligent and never gives up until the job is perfect. We are punctual, reliable, responsible, professional, kind, and we know what we are doing. We have survived the crisis while so many fell behind, and have come out stronger on the other side. Now during Covid19 we have continued to work, thanks to the long list of faithful Clients that have continued to support and trust us. And of course time… We have been doing this for more than 20 years… That in itself speaks volumes, and experience.

Call us or email us or drop by. We will be happy to chat about what you need for your next Event, Party, or Wedding.

Silvia Kessels

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