Private Parties

Traveller Made Marbella Club

Marbella Club New Year’s Party

Birthday Party in Olivia Valere Night Club


Marbella Parties can offer you all the decorations & props necessary for your Wedding, from dishware, tables, chairs, and linens to canopies, Mandaps, Huppahs, flowers, lights, sound equipment, fairy lights, festoon lights, chandeliers, chill out areas, marquees, dance floors, stages, letters, photo booths, balloons…

Leila & Marwan

Sophia & Richard

Lena & Neer (Indian Wedding)

Venus & Edu

Nicole & Marcel

Laura & Alex

Corporate events

Serandipians – Traveller Made Luxury Designers

Chanel Staff Party

The Big 5 Corporate Event


Theme Parties

Valentine’s Day

Baby Shower

Casino Theme

Gold Party

Flamenco Events

Fancy Dress Birthday Party

Kids Parties


Teenage Birthday Party

The Grinch


Disney & Marvel Characters


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