Having a little bit of fun while taking a break from our Gold Themed Party. The highlight in this Private Event was our Main Act: Spandau Ballet's Tony Hadley right in line with our Gold Theme. It was a treat to go down memory lane remembering so many of his songs while studying for our A Levels in Boarding School In England

I am always amazed at how we turned this soulless venue in Marbella, the Palacio de Congresos, and turned it into this. This event took place in sunny Marbella at 14hrs, in the middle of the afternoon. Incredible, huh.. It took us days to cover the ceilings with black rubber to make the room dark, and then we set up these steps, LED screens, and filled the place with 3 thousand people a day for 4 days. Yep! Very proud of this one. And all thanks to the design and hard work from my very good friend Javier Mesa, from Visual Pro... I must admit I am a great fan of his.. he is such a perfectionist in his work that everything he does is of the highest quality https://visual-pro.es/

I love Spain and it's passion. I have lived in Spain since 1972 and as the years go by I become more and more addicted and passionate about this beautiful art. This Event was the inauguration and promotion of a new development. It was stunning, both the development and the Event.

Indian Weddings! We love them! So colourful and passionate and alive. So full of culture and until 5 years a go a very unknown to us on the Coast. Now we are proud to say that we have so many Indian destination weddings here that we are getting pretty good at supplying many services to cater for our Indian couples